36 pcs Interesting Funny Blocks Toys

3,450.00 3,000.00

Promote innovation and imagination.

Products are easy to clean regardless of range of use in family or school.

 Suitable for home and kindergarten, perfect as gifts.

36pcs blocks

Ages 3&up

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Training hand muscle, hand and eye coordination and brain development. Multicolor element enhance color cognitive and visual development. The 36pcs building blocks offer a colorful visual experience and comfortable touch, involving the five senses of gaming experience.

We believe all children should grow and develop in a friendly environment. With extra care, children are able to learn, grow and experience the fun and wisdom from playing.

This multicolor products help stimulate the baby brain development and color recognition. Perfect matching between every piece; promote the development of muscle and fine motor skills. Through playing with  building blocks, children / infants may build self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.



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